i came across this article about sandusky via a link on twitter. it’s certainly worth a read and i do appreciate the author’s approach to how we need to view the unfortunate relatively common occurrences of child sexual abuse and the perpetrators of these heinous acts. 
as a parent, the statistics are terrifying. and it’s terrifying to think that, wow, sandusky isn’t some peculiar, deranged, monster. i say this in that there are a whole lot of people like him out there and they don’t always look like the creepy lonely pedophile we probably imagine. but we don’t realize it or don’t want to think that it could happen to us or to our children. 

jp and i talked about this some, how we can do our darndest to set up expectations and boundaries and trust with ramona that this will never happen to her or if–god forbid–it does, she will not be shamed or trained into keeping silent or to keeping secrets from us.

i suppose i don’t really want to get into it anymore than this little blurb. but i do strongly urge you to read this article and consider ways you can start or continue to protect your child. 

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