here’s a way to save a little bit of moola and to cut back on what you may be tossing in the trash: shaving with a double edge razor.

it took a bit of cajoling from jp (who had been shaving his face with a safety razor for a while) to switch me over from the schick intuition to this method. i was worried it would nick my legs and be hard to get the hang of.

but it wasn’t. once he showed me how to change out the razor (the only waste) and to whip up the shaving cream and use the badger hair brush, i realized i was a changed woman. all i had to remember was to use each side equally so the razor’s edges stay even in their sharpness (or eventual dullness). and only use enough water to froth up the shaving cream (almond-sized amount) as you need to get the brush thoroughly wet. other than that, it’s the same as any razor you’ve used before! for my shaving cream i use a cream from a tube (resources listed below) squeezed into a vintage coffee mug i thrifted. jonathan uses a solid shave soap that he whips up from its package and puts into a metal bowl (also thrifted).

whenever my father finds an old safety razor he sends it jp’s way. so jp has quite the collection. he mostly uses the black-handled razor (seen in the second-to-last photo), which was given to him when my mother’s father died. the bronze one in the above photo is the one that i use and is from my paternal great-grandfather.

here are good resources for starting your own shaving kit:

just don’t ask me how to use the straight edge. i leave that up to jonathan and his face.


***i’m going to start posting thrifty ideas each thursday. i thought i would jump on the alliteration bandwagon and share with you finds, tips, tricks, and thoughts on my favorite hobby: thrifting and being thrifty. aka, how one with veuve clicquot taste shops on a moet & chandon budget, and other ways to spend and save money wisely on the finer things in life***

my two main sources for buying clothes on a limited budget are the thrift store (i have a secret one that i don’t tell anyone about) and buffalo exchange. buffalo exchange has been a great resource for jeans (j brand, levi’s), sweaters/cardigans, and dressy tops. occasionally i’ve been able to find some good basic tees and one time scored a great pair of steve madden loafers that i live in (typically, though, tees and shoes are what i buy new). the thrift store is where i let myself have a little more fun: vintage blouses with wilder prints and loud handkerchiefs. i want my wardrobe to be classic but i also like a pop of color here and there and some statement pieces for my friday nights at linger. especially if the item was only $1.99. the thrift store is also where i’ve made some great finds that are well worth the search and the pennies spent: gloverall jacket, burberry scarf, christian dior silk blouse, dooney & burke leather satchel. oh man, it’s the hunt and capture that i love so much.

last week i did some thrifting and here’s what came home with me (L to R):

  • vintage polyester leopard print, faux leather, shoulder pad amazingness
  • blush colored express blouse
  • vintage silk christian dior blouse

  • badgley mischka silk handkerchief
  • paisley handkerchief
  • black/purple/green scarf
  • vintage flower handkerchief

and for ramona bean:

  • oshkosh b’gosh overalls
  • baby gap faux fur stole

how’d i find all these? well, i have two babies with me so i don’t have all the time in the world to peruse each rack and item. i have a loose system i follow to make sure i can cover as many clothes as i can as quickly as i can.

1. stick to your size. i basically shop in just the medium section. if it’s a rack of a style of clothing i know i can go up or down a size i’ll look at small and large items too. but always medium and never anything larger than large. and unfortunately, my luck with small is not what it used to be since i’ve given birth.

2. stick to your colors. i wear mostly neutrals. so i look at the blacks, browns, grays, and sometimes navys. my thrift store does a great job at grouping like colors together, so this makes it easy on me (and one of the reasons i stick with this store).

3. know what to look for. in between my preferred sizes and colors i will glance at the offered items as i walk to my next section. i look for good quality fabrics, unique patterns, distinguishing features, and will give these items–if found–a once over. i’ve found a beautiful pendleton coat that way, which i was able to sell and make some moola off of.

4. know when to break the rule. i love scarves, jackets, and blouses (as evidenced above) so i will break the above rules to find something i love. i look at all the scarves (easy to do since they are grouped at the end of each aisle) and give myself more time to look at more colors, sizes, and patterns when the blouse section rolls around. since there’s never too many of them, i look at pretty much every jacket there is.

5. know when to say no. after i’ve gone through all the racks, i sort through what’s in my cart (or piled on top of the babies). once i have all my finds in one place it’s easier to compare and realize what i actually really want to take home with me. sometimes i’ll get home and realize it just wasn’t what i thought it would be (i rarely try the clothes on at the store). i either take it back for store credit (the thrift store gives me ten days to do so) or take it on to buffalo exchange for some extra cash or store credit (that’s one for another post).

thanks for stopping by thrift thursday. hope that helps some of you. i’ll take any suggestions for future posts you might like to see or thrifting advice you have.

also, that christian dior shirt is up for sale… email me if interested.