line dry your laundry. it’s easy, relaxing, efficient. the clothes smell amazing afterward, there’s nary a wrinkle to contend with (though, dress shirts will, for eternity, be a pain in my ass) and the sun helps to bleach out spots. my whites have never been whiter and my clothes hold up a lot longer. laundry day is saturday and it’s a great excuse to get outside and make sure i’m getting some sun.

it doesn’t make for the most interesting photo-op but it’s one of my favorite chores (if only i could get to likin’ putting the clothes away).

psst. see the yellow dress, striped bloomers, and quilted jacket in the second-to-last photo? recent thrifted finds for ramona bean! these $5 sanita clogs in the above photo didn’t hurt the wallet either ūüėČ


summer is not quite here. but sipping on this drink out on the porch during these sunny denver days, it certainly feels like it already is.

equal parts sotol, lillet, orange liqueur, lime juice. shake well with ice. strain into glass (salted rim optional but highly encouraged).


this past weekend we celebrated my friend nicole’s birthday with a surprise ladies brunch at root down. ¬†in honor of her amazing party-making skills, i put together these succulent table favors for each of the ladies. i know there’s no way she would leave a table bare so i wanted to do as best i could to return the favor.

INSTRUCTIONS: the succulents are from¬†paulino gardens. i wrapped the small plastic pots with fancy paper i’d gotten from paper source¬†(cut out a square of paper that’s just big enough to fold up and cover each side. moving in one direction fold and double-side tapes each side like you fold the ends of gift-wrapped packages). twine was wrapped around the pots¬†and tied with a bow. then taking bbq skewers (they’re long so i only needed a quarter of a stick) i folded washi tape¬†evenly over one end (so the sticky sides meet) and cut a V out of the end to make a flag.¬†on each flag i wrote silly exclamations (yowza! rock on! party! woohoo! hooray!).

voila. table favors.

CARE: place in bright but not direct sunlight. in warmer weather, water at least once a week after you have ensured there is good drainage. in colder weather, allow soil to dry out between waterings.


click here for a link to a great post about recipes and important know-hows about using cloth wipes and homemade solutions for your baby’s bum.


each year, jp and i send out valentine’s cards to our close friends and family. i wanted to post this for all of you to give an official HAPPY belated VALENTINE’S DAY! (it’s one of my favorite holidays).

i couldn’t do these valentine’s each year and make them look so good without the help of my very talented friends. i am not a photographer and i have no clue how to do anything on illustrator. but i do know people that do. thank you, luca and brandon.

also, here is a link to a PDF of a simple heart¬†card that¬†brandon created for us, which we used to enclose our valentine photo in.¬†hearts are appropriate all year long so please feel free to print it out, cut it in half, fold it, write in it and send to your loved ones (please credit me if you post it on your blog and please do NOT use it for commercial purposes). it’s printable, downloadable, and free!

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